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Research areas

The research and teaching interests focus on media use and effects and can be divided into the four main research areas listed below. In addition, a particular focus is on the use and development of innovative research methods.

Political Communication

We study potential risks and opportunities that arise due to the increasing importance of the media and their influence on the political system. In particular, we analyze how journalists produce and present political news as well as how the media coverage may affect both the political agenda and public opinion.

Health Communication

We study the presentation and effects of health-related media content. In particular, we are interested in the relationship of media use, the effectiveness of (politically promoted) prevention measures, and a people’s health. This work is done in close cooperation with LMU’s Munich Center of Health Sciences.

Computer-mediated Communication

We study how the rapid progress in the digitization of the media and society as a whole affects production and distribution of media content as well as users’ habits in consuming such content. Thereby, a particular focus is on the potential social impact and economic opportunities of digitization.

Media Psychology and Reception

We study the selection, perception, experience and effect of media content both at the micro and the macro level. That is, our work ranges from analyses of the effects of media content (or advertising) on individuals’ emotions, attitudes and knowledge to models of social trends and developments.

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